In House Glazing

Our practice has a fully equipped in-house glazing facility for assembling your glasses, including rimless eyewear. We can make single vision spectacles, bifocals and varifocals, along with tinted glasses and sunglasses for almost all prescriptions. Our expert glazing technicians use the latest technology to produce glasses of the highest standard. Each pair is always checked thoroughly by our expert team upon completion, to ensure that they have been made to our satisfaction before you collect them in store.

Nasir Optics’ entire ethos revolves around providing the utmost convenience and comfort for you and your vision, which is why having an on-site glazing facility is so important to us. It cuts down delivery and waiting times significantly – in fact, if you need new lenses fitted into your existing frames, we can usually complete this for you in less than an hour, so you aren’t left struggling with your vision for longer than necessary.  

Broken or damaged glasses can also put you at a disadvantage if they need to be sent off for repair. That’s why we offer a free walk in spectacle repair service too. Our lab technicians will examine the extent of the damage and advise you on what and how long is required to fix them. Our speedy service means most repairs can be fixed in less than an hour, leaving you free to continue with your day comfortably and with crystal clear vision.

Contact us to find out more about our in-house glazing and repair services on 020 8593 0328.