NHS Patients

We believe in providing NHS funded eye examinations which are usually once every two years, for all eligible patients. In some cases, we can also provide an NHS optical voucher to contribute towards the cost of glasses and contact lenses, if they are required.

You can have an NHS eye examination if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Under 16 years of age (entitled to an NHS optical voucher for glasses too)
  • Aged 16-18 and in full time education (entitled to an NHS optical voucher for glasses too)
  • Aged 60 or over
  • If you are registered as blind or partially sighted
  • If you suffer from diabetes or glaucoma
  • Aged 40+ with a family history of glaucoma (you are a parent, sibling or child of someone who has/had glaucoma)
  • You have been advised by an ophthalmologist that you are at risk of glaucoma.
  • You have been prescribed complex lenses under the NHS optical voucher scheme
  • Prisoner on leave
  • You are receiving benefits like Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Income-based JSA, Income Support, Income-based ESA, named on a valid NHS HC2 Certificate, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

If you qualify for an NHS sight test but are unable to visit the practice for your appointment due to mobility or health issues, we also provide NHS home visits for fully comprehensive eye examinations, using the most advanced portable equipment. We will also bring an array of glasses for you to view in the comfort of your own home and deliver your glasses to your door once they have been made.

We have always been strong advocates of universal eye care and endeavour to make sure all our customers get the same eye examination and aftercare, regardless of whether they are NHS or not. Contact us to see whether you’re eligible and book your NHS eye examination today on 020 8593 0328 or book online.